Common Mistakes

“When choosing Your Remodeling Contractor Avoid These Costly Mistakes”

1. Stay away from remodelers where you can’t verify their name, address, telephone number, or other credentials. These fly-by-night contractors often spell trouble.

2. You’ve got a clear warning sign that trouble lies ahead anytime a contractor or salesperson tries to pressure you into signing a contract. An honest professional would never have to use such tactics.

3. If a contractor can not or will not provide you with references and allow you to speak with previous clients, they may have something to hide. For the professional contractor, client references are his best advertisement and are gladly provided.

4. Stay away from a contractor who provides you with out of date information or information that is no longer valid. If you are unable to verify workers comp or insurance information, it’s best to take a pass.

5. It’s best to look elsewhere, anytime a contractor asks you to pay a sizeable advance in cash instead of by check. This could mean the contractor is in financial trouble a headache you don’t want to deal with.

6. If you can’t find the remodeler in the phone book, it’s best to move on. Unlisted contractors tend to be less stable and less reputable.

“Why to avoid the lowest bidder”

Nobody wants to pay “too much” for anything. And remodeling is a relatively expensive project. But one of the biggest mistakes I see people making over and over again is choosing the lowest price contractor without considering the overall cost of the decision. When looking at the price of a total kitchen remodel there are three important points to consider:

1. Quite simply, all remodeling contractors are not the same. Different remodeling contractors bring different levels of commitment, sincerity, and dedication to their work. Make sure your contractor brings the level of expertise, and service you’ll need to get your job done right, the way you want it without hassles and headaches.

2. The price you see quoted may not be the price you pay! Too many area residents have discovered this the hard way. Some contractors will quote low prices in their ads, over the phone, even in person. And then surprise you with additional costs later on. Not all contractors are like this. There are legitimate honest professionals like myself, who will quote you a fair price in writing and work hard to earn your respect and trust. But unfortunately, some contractors will do business the unethical way.

3. It is possible to pay too much for a lower-quality job. The least expensive job is not always the best buy, in fact, it’s usually not a good deal at all. Often, on a low price job, a contractor will be forced to cut corners. This lack of attention-to-detail can cause problems ranging from annoying nuisances to safety hazards.


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